Posted by: communicationcloud | September 1, 2009

Where did the photo come from?

A couple of people have asked where the photo at the top of this blog came from.

I should have mentioned earlier; maybe I’ll find a moment at some point to add a credit somewhere. In the meantime…

The photo was taken by Chris Atherton (who writes the Finite Attention Span blog), on the journey back from a very rainy day at the beach. The sun finally managed to break through the clouds, and Chris leapt out of the car and lay down by the side of the road to get the shot, somewhere on the A10 between Cambridge and Ely.

For me, it perfectly captures the feeling of the fens just north of Cambridge – the contrasts of light and colour, and the scale and proportion. Coming from a part of England where there’s always something on the horizon, I’ve never got used to the strangeness of this landscape, but over the years I have developed an appreciation of its beauty – I find it a very powerful and moving landscape to be in.

Chris has a really good eye for a great photo, but I’d only seen her urban shots before this. I’m very pleased that her skill extends to the countryside too. In fact, I like this photo of it so much that I also have a 1.5 meter canvas version of it in my kitchen.  Thanks Chris! (I know you’re very modest, so sorry if the compliments have made you blush)

So there you go:)



  1. Hey, I’ve just seen this now! Your comments are more than generous 🙂 Thank you.

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