Posted by: communicationcloud | January 15, 2010

Real-life embedded user assistance

I came across this lovely example of embedded user assistance out in the real world – on the phone in a hotel room, to be specific.

Any guesses what the most frequent call to reception used to be?

I like how this is a really simple solution, that puts the information right where users go to find it out.

Has anyone else come across good examples of embedded user assistance in “real life”? I’d love to see them…



  1. On a Virgin Broadband cable modem there is a sticker advising users who are experiencing connectivity problems to turn the modem and computer off for ten minutes before rebooting as this solves 90% of problems! It reminds me of the comedy TV show “The IT Crowd” in which the Irish chap answers all calls, “Have you tried turning it on and off yet?”
    Also, when recently installing a Kodak inkjet printer, I noticed a sticker obstructing its USB port informing me not to plug it into the computer until I had installed the driver software.

  2. There’s the taped on sign on our coffee machine that says “STOP BUTON” (sic) with an arrow pointing to the “CLEAN” button.

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