Posted by: communicationcloud | July 7, 2010

20 (ish) generic customer service questions

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time this year rooting about in support logs and other contacts from customers, to try and understand what our customers need from us. We’ve come up with a list of account interactions and a list of more general questions. I’ll cover the account interactions in another post soon; the list of general questions is below.

Has anyone else done this? How similar is your list? I wondered how many of these are generic questions across all software companies…

In no particular order:

I have 1 license; does this allow me to install on both my PC and my laptop?
Do you do any discount licenses (students, educational establishments…)?
How do I download the product I’ve bought?
How do I renew my support?
What servers/PCs have I activated product x on?
Do you do site licenses?
Do you do floating licenses?
Please can I have a free license (user group, reviewer…)
How do I get back into support and upgrades (after a lapse)?
Can I activate some apps from the toolbelt (sort of a product suite) on one machine, and some on others?
Do I need to pay to reactivate my software?
Will I need a new serial key when I move to a new machine?
Does product x support environment y (e.g. Windows 7)?
Where do I download product x, version y from?
How much for product x (with/without support)?
Does product x do functionality y?
Why can’t I do x? (answer= because it’s a “pro” version feature, and you only have a “standard” license)
When is version y of product x being released?
Does my bundle (i.e. suite) include product x/y/z?
What does bundle (i.e. suite) include?
How do I move product x to a new machine?
Will I need to re-start my machine after install?
Will installing the upgrade interrupt my current settings?

We also get a couple of very generic types of query which are product-specific. I didn’t put these here when I first wrote this post, but reading back over it, the list looks incomplete without them. So here they are:

I’ve got an error message … what do I do about it / what does it mean?
Ask a “how do I” question about product functionality


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